Making the Most of Your Sponsorship Dollars

Jan 29, 2020

Golf tournaments provide a huge amount of advertising areas for sponsors to enjoy advertising. Our goal is to show you how these advertising sponsorships can be best used to bring in the money for yo...

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Wild About Custom Logo Golf Shirts

Jan 20, 2020

Getting a custom golf shirt for the players in your upcoming golf tournament doesn't have to be a daunting task. While the huge number of golf shirt styles you can select from for your logo might be o...

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Your Brief Guide to Planning a Golf Tournament

Jul 09, 2019

Planning a large golf tournament isn't easy on your first try, and we completely understand the difficulties you as an event planner may encounter. With over 10 years of experience in planning golf o...

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How Your Custom Golf Hats Get Decorated

Jun 20, 2019

How do your custom golf caps get decorated with your logo? Here's a short video to show you how it's done: See over 160 custom golf hats available for your logo to be embroidered on the front, sid...

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Find Your Perfect Custom Golf Towel

Jun 19, 2019

Plush, luxurious, embroidered golf towels are one of those golf gifts that appeal to anyone. The sight of the luxurious cloth alone makes one feel appreciated. When that material is embroidered with...

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Fast Golf Tournament Gifts for Last Minute Customization

Jun 05, 2019

One of your golf committee members or friends said she would be ordering the golf gifts two weeks ago. However the golf committee members just found out via text message that this committee member ha...

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It's ALL About the GOLF SWAG!

May 30, 2019

Golf swag is a term often used to describe any custom golf tournament gifts that are often given out at any golf tournaments as corporate promotions. It is a broad term that covers gifts for golfers ...

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Unique Branded Promotional Golf Gifts that Go Beyond the Green

May 09, 2019

There are only so many golf bag tags a golfer wants to hang on their golf bag; usually one. There are only so many golf towels a golfer wants on their golf bag; also usually one. As a tournament dir...

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Covering Your Tournament Gift with Custom Printed Golf Umbrellas

May 03, 2019

Wind-Proof Feature: Almost every golf umbrella features a fiberglass frames and ribs, which are flexible enough that the umbrella goes back to its original shape inverting in strong winds. Other ...

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Custom Golf Jackets Sized to Fit Your Fancy

May 02, 2019

Function & Form: From the most petite bodies to the largest among us, a comfortable fitting custom embroidered golf jacket to fit all your tournament players is not the easiest promotional golf gift ...

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Custom Cooler Bags – The Perfect Golf Tournament Gift

Apr 26, 2019

From the “grill & chill” cooler bag with the built-in grill top to the 50-can rolling cooler for a big game day, the many choices of golf cooler bags make finding something perfect for y...

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Most Popular Golf Tournament Promotional Gifts

Apr 25, 2019

"Popular! I want to be popular!"... Such is the song made famous by the Broadway musical Wicked. Here we aren't supporting feuds between two witches or anyone else, but we are here to show you whic...

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Hit a Hole-in-One with Custom Branded Golf Head Covers

Apr 17, 2019

What type of promotional gift covers all golfers attending a golf tournament? It's easy if you think of the one thing everyone must bring with them to the tournament: golf clubs. With a set of golf ...

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Capping off Promotional Golf Caps

Apr 15, 2019

Sun, rain, heat, and perspiration can't match the shelter offered by a good promotional golf cap. In fact, throwing shade is okay when it comes to these embroidered golf caps on a sunny day. (Keep t...

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Pitching Your Brand with PitchFix Golf Tools

Apr 02, 2019

Since 2005, Pitchfix golf tools have thrilled millions of golfers on planet earth with their precision engineering. What makes them so special? Each Pitchfix divot tool is made from quality aircraft...

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Custom Imprinted Golf Gloves

Mar 29, 2019

Most golfers use a right or left hand glove as they are needed to help grip the club properly. Now Keystone Specialties can offer beautiful, full color imprints on the back of a made-to-order golf glo...

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First Aid for Your Golf Game?

Jan 16, 2019

Although our 1st Aid Golf Kit may not improve your golf game, it sure does come to the rescue for the other hazards on the course, such as insect bites, sunburn, blisters, headaches, etc. Golf is one...

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Raise some cool cash with Golf Cooling Towels

Feb 22, 2019

Having been out on the course when it is blistering hot, a little cooling can feel mighty good. One of the most innovative items we have ever come across is the Classic CoolFiber Cooling Towel. Pack...

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