Unique Branded Promotional Golf Gifts that Go Beyond the Green

  • May 9, 2019

There are only so many golf bag tags a golfer wants to hang on their golf bag; usually one.  There are only so many golf towels a golfer wants on their golf bag; also usually one.  As a tournament director who is looking for unique golf gifts to give out to your golfers, this creates a challenge when you've already given out the usual golf gifts to the players during each previous tournament, such as custom golf head covers, embroidered golf towels, printed golf bag tags, and personalized golf balls.  It may be time to expand our perspective on what type of golf tournament gifts would be appreciated. Here are some logo golf gifts that will go beyond the golf greens:


Beverage Insulators (also known as Custom Can Koozies)

Custom can koozies are quite ubiquitous now, with most designed to hold the traditional can, but also ones designed to hold glass beverage bottles.  Some of these promo can koozies come screen printed in 1 color of ink, while others come printed with full color photos!  It's a small promotional item, but personalized can koozies will advertise your brand wherever they go!  

Here are two can coolers that are made in the United States:

 USA Can Cooler (Full Color) - Item ODKPG-YSLBU

USA Can Cooler (Full Color)


 USA Can Cooler (Screen Printed) - Item NKSSJ-DQBWT

USA Can Cooler (Screen Printed)



Custom Blankets

Custom printed logo blankets offer a way to take off the chill in a cool evening in the golf cart, or at home.  Most often they're used at home or at outdoor events away from the golf course.  Some of these custom blankets provide full color imprint, while most of them allow screen printing of a logo in 1 location of the blanket.

 roll-up-picnic-blanket - item-lgwbf-blzhv



Roll-up Picnic Blanket





Roll-Up Blanket - Item KPYTM-ZTJXQ


Roll-Up Blanket


 Blanket-Bag Combo - Item KBBWH-HFRSS

Blanket-Bag Combo


 Fleece-Nylon Picnic Blanket - Item JKPJN-BSQSS


Fleece-Nylon Picnic Blanket




Custom Bottle Openers

If you're going to give a promotional can koozies away, why not also give away printed bottle openers with them?  You will have double the logo branding space to place your tournament sponsor logos.  Here are some original logo bottle openers we suggest that also include divot repair tools:

 golf-divot-repair-tool-with-bottle-opener--full-color-ball-marker - item-rsjfm-zdvho


Divot Repair Tool Bottle Opener & Ball Marker


 contour-golf-divot-fixer-tool-with-bottle-opener - item-mghwi-fhkhn


Contour Divot Fixer Tool & Bottle Opener


Stock Key Tag with Bottle Opener - Item SDXSF-YLSZU

Key Tag with Bottle Opener


Jumbo Size Golf Ball Magnetic Bottle Opener


There are also hundreds of logo bottle openers for any style to give to your golfers.  See all of them on this page:  Custom Bottle Openers


Logo Bluetooth Speakers

Getting even more creative for a golf outing, let's explore some higher-end logo tournament gifts.  How impressed would your tournament golfers be if they showed up and received a functional Bluetooth speaker branded with your organization's logo?  Most everyone would be impressed, since the gift is functional both at home and on the golf course.  Music makes everyone's day a little brighter, and these logo wireless speakers will bring happiness to your tournament players. Here are some style we suggest:

 Light Up Ring Bluetooth Speaker - SXYYN-HMPFU

Light Up Ring Bluetooth Speaker


 bongo-beats-portable-round-bluetooth-speaker-full-color - Item JDMBJ-FJFKM

Bongo Beats Portable Bluetooth Speaker Full Color



10W Waterproof 360 Degree Bluetooth® Speaker - Item QXPNO-GFNSO

Waterproof 360 Degree Speaker


RoxBox (TM) Duet Bluetooth Speaker - Item SFSXL-EMWWN

RoxBox (TM) Duet Bluetooth Speaker


 These are low to mid-priced custom printed Bluetooth speakers, which allow you to give these as a golf tournament gift or as a promotional item for any other special event.  Some of them allow full color imprint to expand your company branding creatively, while others have the usual pad printing for a 1 color logo.  


Custom Headphones / Logo Earbuds  

Some golfers may enjoy listening to their favorite music whole on the greens, but the advantage of gifting custom printed headphones or logo earbuds is that they are most often used off the green as well.  These types of promotional gifts for golfers will be received well since they allow the golfers to listen to their favorite music while commuting on the train, or walking down the sidewalk, or working out in the gym.  Here are some of the popular models we suggest getting branded for your golf tournament: 

 LED Light-Up-Your-Logo Bluetooth® Headset - Item PDRQL-DPRPP

LED Light-Up-Your-Logo Bluetooth® Headset


 earbuds in square case - item mnnwn-dsyvo

Earbuds in Square Case


 earmigos - item-pnyvk-fqtzo

Earmigos Ear Buds


 Bluetooth® In-Ear Buds in Round Case - Item RBHHL-EDVTT

Bluetooth® In-Ear Buds in Round Case


In summary, even if you feel like you've already given out all of the possible custom golf gifts on the market, here are 5 additional branded golf gifts available that people most likely haven't received from most golf tournament sponsors yet.  In addition to these logo golf gifts available for beyond the green, there are always new logo golf gifts available as well on this page:


Take inspiration from these gift ideas and surprise your tournament players with new branded golf gifts they find useful.







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