Golf Towels

With all the different materials that are out there, Golf Towels definitely are not just your ordinary kitchen towel with a hook on it. There are a variety of materials and styles that are available to you. We have listed a few of them here on this page. A quick word on color choices: don't pick white as the color of the towel. Remember, the purpose of the golf towel is to wipe dirt, sand, and grass off of a club head. Would you wear white socks in your yard while walking around? If you said "yes" - what laundry detergent do you use?

So How Many Options Do I Have?

We have put together this quick reference chart as to what choices you really do have.

Step 1 - Size  Step 2 - Finish  Step 3 - Material  Step 4 - Options  Step 5 - Imprint 
  11" x 18"  Fringed  Cotton  Grommet  Embroidered 
15" x 18"  Hemmed  Velour  Carabineer  Jacquard Woven 
16" x 20"    Micro Fiber    Tone on Tone
16" x 24"    Micro Suede    Screen Printed 

Woven Golf TowelIn case you were wondering, the 16" x 20" is considered regulation size for a golf towel. However it is your golf tournament, so you choose the size you feel works best for your promotional golf gifts

One of the most up and coming style of towel is the Jacquard Custom Woven Towel. This style will allow you the whole towel to have your name or logo woven in as part of the towel. From these examples, you can see that a dark color towel with a light color weave makes for a very impressive looking gift for your players.


One more example for you to see is a basic cotton golf towel shown above. By using this cheap golf towel, you can mix and match more of the above listed options and give you greater control of what your finished product will look like.

15 x 15 Hemmed Golf Towel - Item KXYNG-BFBGT


To see more follow this link customized golf towels. Have questions about these custom logo golf towels? Give us a call at 1-800-240-8639 between 8:30 am and 5 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday or use our contact form.