Custom Printed Golf Cart Shaped Tee Signs

Huge Profits and Easy to Do.

Tee signs can add very significant $$$$$ to your next charity event. Here is a great example we would like to share with you:

A local service club needed to find a way to increase the money they were trying to raise for their local food bank. One of the the business members took charge of revamping their golf outing income and put more effort into selling tee signs to not only their club members, but also to the local businesses, many of which he was very familiar with. Within a few weeks, 83 businesses had signed up. He sold the signs as a package of 3 for just $200.


Fundraising Math - Year 1

Now here is the best part. One of the members offered to store the signs until the following year. 75 of the original sponsors renewed. All $200 was pure profit on each of those signes because they were already done. They even replaced the 8 sponsors that dropped off and added 10 more new sponsors.

Are you missing the "Cart" by not doing the same?

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Fundraising math example