Custom Golf Balls

Like most balls when any game was created, golf balls were a very crude invention at the time. The first golf balls were made from wood sometime in the 17th century. It would later be replaced by a sewn leather pouch stuffed with goose feathers and encased in a cowhide. These would sell for $10 to $20 dollars and an experienced ball maker could only make a few a day. Thank goodness for modern technology! Golf balls are plentiful and not nearly as expensive as they used to be.

A nice touch for your tournament or outing could be to give each player a single sleeve of printed logo golf balls. From years of golf experience, we know that you cannot have enough golf balls. Below are the brands we have access to. You can have your name or logo imprinted on any of these; from one color to full color logos:

 Bridgestone Golf Balls
Callaway Golf Balls
Titleist Golf Balls TaylorMade Golf Balls  Wilson Golf Balls  Srixon Golf Balls 
Bridgestone Golf Balls Callway Golf Balls Titleist Golf Balls TaylorMade Golf Balls Wilson Golf Balls Srixon Golf Balls

The top custom printed golf balls available currently on the market in 2019 are ranked as follows:

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball:

The construction of the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball starts with a 2.0 ZG Process Core.  The casing provides a longer shot with lower spin, and is covered with a thinner cast urethane cover. Here's a deconstructed diagram of the Titleist Pro V1 that can be custom logo'd:



TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball:

While its twin, the TP5X golf ball features speed, the TP5 specializes in offering more control by lowering the spin of the ball.  This custom logo golf ball comes with a 5 layer construction that offers lower compression and better distance.

When you explore the custom logo golf ball selection, the brands will automatically be sorted from most popular to least popular.  This does not mean that the less popular golf ball brands are inferior, but that through effective marketing strategies, some branded golf balls are in higher demand than others. 

Newer brands of golf balls, such as Srixon, have made a positive impression on golfers internationally over the last 10 years while still lagging behind the market penetration of Callaway and Titleist.  If you're unsure which brand would be most appreciated by your golfers, we suggest choosing any of the golf ball brand icons linked above. 

Of course our team is happy to help recommend a custom logo golf ball brand based on the expertise of your tournament participants, golf swag budget, and any other factors that you find important for your tournament swag.  Contact us Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time with your questions by phone at 800-240-8639, or contact us via this form.   


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