Making the Most of Your Sponsorship Dollars

  • Jan 29, 2020

Golf tournaments provide a huge amount of advertising areas for sponsors to enjoy advertising.  Our goal is to show you how these advertising sponsorships can be best used to bring in the money for your charity golf tournament. 

The advertising opportunities start with the website and social media announcing where and when the golf tournament will be taking place.  It's important to have a graphic created to use in your advertising media across all media platforms and any printed merchandise before you can advertise your golf tournament.  (Keystone Specialties provides graphic design service for clients ordering items from if you don't have a logo created yet.  Our graphic design services are reasonably priced as we do the design work in house.  If you don't have a graphic design created yet for your tournament, contact us with a description of what you would like created, and we will quote you for the creative work.)  If you already have your logo designed for the golf tournament, then the next step is to choose how to get the logo printed on signage for the event, any promotional golf gifts given to the players, and prizes or custom golf awards


Golf Tournament Sponsorship Opportunities

1.  Announcements via social media and websites:

Use your organization's website, the hosting golf course website (if permitted), Facebook, Eventbrite, Twitter, Tumblr, and any other social media accounts your organization has to announce the golf tournament.  Make sure to include a clearly identifiable date and time, as well as the golf course address.  This is important for people to know whether they can attend the golf tournament based on their schedule.  The media you use for the announcement of the golf tournament provides an advertising spot for sponsors.  This can be less expensive advertising sponsorship, as it's mostly digital and less costly than physically printed media or gifts.

2.  Golf tournament sponsorship gifts:

Tournament players expect to receive a customized golf gift from the event host or the advertising sponsor as a courtesy for their support of the organization.  This is a perfect opportunity to find a logo golf gift that each player will receive in exchange for their attendance. has customized logo gifts for every tournament budget.  You can also choose a sponsor golf outing gift that offers multiple imprint locations.  There is a gift category for every budget, from embroidered golf hats to USA made golf towels.  If you're looking for a golf gift that's useful off the course, there's a set of unique golf tournament gifts that can be used anywhere, which can make the sponsor's logo travel far and wide beyond the golf course.  For custom golf sponsor gifts, our most popular categories are logo golf umbrellas, custom printed golf cooler kits, and branded golf divot toolsCustom logo coolers are also extremely popular, but most tournaments purchase them as part of golf kits with everything packed inside the cooler.  Each golf gift you choose to give provides a sponsorship advertising area which pays for the gift.  Your sponsor may want to help choose the gift, so make sure to start the customized golf tournament prize selection early.

3.   Logo prizes and golf awards:

After the tournament has been held and everyone has played through the course, it's time to award the various golf trophies for longest shot, closest to the pin, lowest score, etc.  This is another opportunity for an advertising sponsor to get their logo etched or printed on the golf awards


Make sure to thank your tournament players most of all for supporting your golf outing.  This gratitude can be expressed in person with each player at the end of the game, but can also be made using a custom printed banner set up at the entrance / exit of the course.  You can also line the entrance/exit drive of the golf course with weather resistant custom printed feather flags.  The large area of these customized banners and printed feather flags make a huge visual impact as people drive under or walk past them.  Order any custom printed banners to express thanks as well as your sponsor's logo and place them around the course as permitted. 

If you count up your golf tournament sponsorship opportunities, you might find 4 or 5 locations where advertisers can bring in money to cover the cost of your tournament, or even add to the profitability of the golf outing for any charity purpose.  This suggested list is in no way comprehensive, but it is the most common opportunities where golf tournament sponsorship logos can be featured.  When the sponsors are featured, it expresses a level of appreciation so that the same companies are more likely to come back again with their financial support of your golf outing. 



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