It's ALL About the GOLF SWAG!

  • May 30, 2019

Golf swag is a term often used to describe any custom golf tournament gifts that are often given out at any golf tournaments as corporate promotions.  It is a broad term that covers gifts for golfers as well as other types of useful printed promotional gifts that may be used off the golf course. 

Our Job as a Corporate Golf Swag Provider

Keystone Specialties has a staff of promotional consultants who average over 12 years each in promotional marketing experience.  Because of each team member's experience, we are able to do the following to ensure your printed golf swag selection is wildly successful with your tournament players:

1.  We will ask for the date of your golf tournament.  

Why is this important for us to know?  Every type of golf swag has a different production time required by the factory that makes it.  Some items only take 1 week or less, while other items require 2 weeks, and some custom golf swag takes even as long as 5 weeks (such as custom golf head covers, custom divot tools that are die cast instead of printed, etc).  Based on how far in advance you notify us of your interest in creating custom golf swag, we will recommend products that fit your time frame so you receive the gifts in advance of the golf tournament date.  We even feature a fast golf gifts section on our website!  

2.  We will ask how many players you expect to attend your golf outing. 

Each custom golf tournament gift has a minimum quantity specified by the manufacturer.  While custom golf trophies often allow you to order only 1 of each, other golf promotional gifts such as custom golf bag tags require much higher minimums.  Sometimes there are golf bag tags that allow lower minimums, so contact us for help if you need a lower quantity.  The point is, we will find the best golfer gifts to fit the size of your tournament. 

3.  We will ask about your budget per golfer for your tournament gifts.  

Every golf tournament has a gift budget for promotional items.  Sometimes it is $150 per person, often when players are being sponsored by large benefactors that expect to receive TV exposure, their company name on the high end golf gifts, etc.  Other times the golf tournament gift budget is only $10 per player.  Any budget can be met with our huge selection of custom golf swag

4.  We will ask about the gifts you've already given out at your past tournaments. 

Unless all of your golf tournament players will be new to this tournament, we suggest giving out different custom golf swag each year as a courtesy.  If you repeat the same customized golf gift each year, then your golfers won't find the gift as useful, and will be more likely to either discard the gift or give it to another person.  For this reason we suggest always giving a new golf gift idea to your players each tournament. 

5.  We will ask for the logo(s) you want to feature on your custom golf gifts.

Why is this important to us?  Some logos require digital imprint to reproduce properly, as they may feature gradients (fades), or very tight registration of colors.  Screen printed golf products have some limitations in replicating logos.  Embroidered golf shirts and custom embroidered golf jackets, for example, require the colors to be separated so they can be sewn into the embroidery properly.  Logos with gradients will need to be separated into their respective colors to be embroidered, but on digitally printed products, such as full color golf divot tools, full color golf towels, and custom golf ball markers, they can feature full color logos. 


Your answers to these 5 important questions allow us to become your favorite golf swag provider.  We can make your budget, timeline, and offer some unique golf gift ideas to your players each year.  Ready to explore all of the custom golf tournament gifts you can imagine?  Explore 24 hours a day from anywhere.  Use the quote request feature on any custom golf swag products that interests you, or call us during our business hours from 8:30 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.  We can deliver most custom golf products to anywhere in North America, so we look forward to helping you find that new golf swag that impresses your players!     




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