Pitching Your Brand with PitchFix Golf Tools

  • Apr 2, 2019

Since 2005, Pitchfix golf tools have thrilled millions of golfers on planet earth with their precision engineering.  What makes them so special?  Each Pitchfix divot tool is made from quality aircraft grade aluminum for the core durability.  This means that the Pitchfix switchblade divot tools mechanical action can last for many hundreds of uses on the golf course without risk of breaking.  Besides being extremely durable, Pitchfix golf tools are also made with ergonomic detail that rivals other brands.  They are comfortable to use while you're on the golf course, and they also weigh less than other tools making them easier to carry. 

Pitchfix Divot Tools

The original divot tool is often now called the Pitchfix Classic.  It is an average size divot tool with a switchblade action to make it easy to carry in the pant pocket without poking through the pant fabric.  However now Pitchfix offers multiple divot tool options.  Some of them are larger than the original tool.  Other divot tools they offer now have two imprint locations for custom branding.  The two branding locations allow multiple logos to be featured on one tool, which means a golf tournament gift can now feature the tournament logo as well as one or two sponsor logos.  Here are some of our favorites here at FairwayGiftShop:

Pitchfix® Hybrid 2.0 Golf Divot Repair Tool

Pitchfix Hybrid 2.0 Golf Divot Repair Tool

This divot tool is made of aluminum for strength and durability, yet its colorful, rubberized handle prevents it from slipping from anyone's fingers. The action is spring loaded, and the handle even features a pencil sharpener for convenience so you can mark your scorecard easily.  With 17 colors of handles to choose from, it's also easy to coordinate a handle color with your branding printed on the removable ball marker.  Quick search item VMACB-MBQEC or use this link:


Need a larger imprint area for your Pitchfix divot tools?  Try this model instead:

Pitchfix® Divot Tool XL 3.0

If you think the 2.0 makes a big impression, wait until you see the 3.0 billboard sized imprint area.  It makes branding bold, and also features a 2nd imprint area on the removable ball marker. It's made to the same durable engineering standards of the 2.0, but offers about 50% larger imprint area on the back side opposite from the ball marker.  Order this custom printed divot tool when you need two or three sponsor logos printed on the same golf tournament gift.  


Pitchfix Hat Clip Ball Markers

Besides the divot tools that made the brand famous, Pitchfix also provides durable ball markers that magnetically attached to a hat clip.  That way you can keep the ball marker conveniently at hand on the brim of your custom logo hat while on the golf course.

Made of rust-proof stainless steel, each Pitchfix hat clip comes with a custom printed logo ball marker that attaches to the base magnetically.  The trim color comes in Black, Blue, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow, Green, Gun, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, or Yellow to coordinate with any logo.   


When you're shopping for useful golf tournament gifts, think of the Pitchfix branded products sold on FairwayGiftShop.  The brand name and quality will impress your golf outing participants, and the name of your organization will be printed on these quality promotional golf items






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