Covering Your Tournament Gift with Custom Printed Golf Umbrellas

  • May 3, 2019

Wind-Proof Feature:
Almost every golf umbrella features a fiberglass frames and ribs, which are flexible enough that the umbrella goes back to its original shape inverting in strong winds.
Other than the fiberglass frames, some umbrellas are vented in the canopy.  Venting allows enough air to pass through the umbrella’s canopy which keeps it from turning inside out, or inverting.   


Most handles in modern golf umbrellas are either made of wood for a classic style or a rubberized handle that offers a comfortable grip.  Some handles have identification labels inserted behind a clear cover to allow return of a forgotten umbrella to its owner.  It is highly recommended to verify that the width and frame features work first rather than to focus on the handle material initially.  Once the function of the umbrella is determined to supply sufficient coverage from rain and longevity of use in a wind storm, then the features of the handle can be the last deciding factor.
Colors & Patterns:
Most umbrellas come in solid colors such as black, navy blue, royal blue, red, and hunter green.  However it is occasionally possible to find unique colors and patterns, such as pink, camouflage, famous works of art, maps, and more.  If a more unique pattern or specific Pantone color is desired, custom manufactured umbrellas can be ordered in a completely unique design.  This option requires a longer production time, such as 90 to 120 days (3 to 4 months), but if the time is allowed for a project, then your unique umbrella design can become a real product.  Be aware that completely custom canopy designs require a higher quantity of umbrellas to be ordered than a stock color or pattern.  Usually at least 100 umbrellas or more must be ordered for a custom canopy umbrella to be manufactured.


Benefits of Purchasing Custom Golf Umbrellas:
Golf umbrellas are a functional golf tournament gift on the course and on the street in daily life as well.  Their convenience is unmistakably valuable for the recipients because of the protection from the elements. 
Besides their useful function, promotional umbrellas advertise your organization’s message everywhere they are carried.  Also custom printed umbrellas offer a larger imprint area than most other promotional products that is kept more visible during the product’s use.  This means that your logo has more impact for every set of eyes that views it printed on the umbrella. 


Most importantly for recipients, custom golf umbrellas have a higher perceived value than many other products because of their larger size and valuable protection in a rain storm.  Since they are functional in the golf game and off the course, anyone can use them when the weather demands protection.


Contact us for help with your imprint layout, or if you’ve already designed your logo, feel free to place your order on our website for the golf umbrella that matches the features most important to you. 

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