Custom Golf Jackets Sized to Fit Your Fancy

  • May 2, 2019

Function & Form:

From the most petite bodies to the largest among us, a comfortable fitting custom embroidered golf jacket to fit all your tournament players is not the easiest promotional golf gift to order.  Fortunately the men's and women's custom golf jackets found on cover every size imaginable.  Many golf jacket styles start as small as extra small and go at least up to 3XL.  Some of these custom embroidered jackets even go as large as 5XL! 

The advantage of customized golf gifts given to your tournament players is that your corporate branding can be featured on each promotional men's jacket and logo women's jacket - a functional gift for any chilly day.  Not only can your organization's logo be featured, but jackets also provide space to place more than one logo for your golf tournament sponsors.  For example, the left or right chest area can feature 1 logo, while a secondary logo can be placed across the back (often called the yoke), or the right or left upper arm sleeve.  In fact, different logos can be featured on opposite arms of the jackets to allow two sponsors to be featured as well as your tournament logo on either side of the chest area.  

Here's an example of a men's custom golf jacket with multiple logos:

Logo golf jacket

As depicted above, there is a logo on the wearer's left chest and the center of the back.  These logos can be embroidered or affixed using a full color heat transfer.  Most men's custom jackets and women's custom jackets offered on offer either logo decoration method. 

Embroidery Versus Full Color Transfer Decoration:

Decorating a golf jacket with embroidery means that a needle pokes through the fabric to stitch the logo onto the fabric.  For water resistant jackets, this embroidery method breaks the surface of the material.  However a full color transfer adds the logo by first printing the logo in full color onto a piece of transfer material.  Then using the heat and pressure of a transfer heat press, the logo is affixed to the fabric of the golf jacket with a permanent bond.  Unlike screen printing, which requires a screen to be set up for each color in your logo, there is only 1 setup for heat transfer application, making your decorated jacket more economical even if your logo has many colors.  

Another method offered on a few jackets is laser etching.  Laser etching is best suited on a fabric with a texture or pile.  The laser burns the shape of the logo into the nap of the fabric without adding any color.  For a subtle branding using a monochromatic look, laser etching is a great technique.  However tone-on-tone embroidery or heat transfer can be used as well for a subtle brand appearance.  If the custom golf jacket you like only offers full color transfer or embroidery, then let us know that you want a subtle monochromatic look.  We can convert most logos to 1 color for you.

Getting the Jacket Sizes & Colors On Time:

Because stock of each size and color of jacket varies at different times of the year, we recommend having your golf tournament players' sizes a month in advance of your tournament.  This will allow your golf jacket order to be processed in a timely manner and allow time for shipping of the logo jackets to your destination at least a few days or a week before your tournament begins.  We don't want the jackets to be late to your tournament, just like you don't want them to be late.  If your tournament is sooner than 1 month from now, contact us about the jacket you would like to order by submitting a quote request.  Enter the date you must have delivery by in your quote request so we know which custom logo golf jackets to recommend.  We will ensure that we only recommend jackets that can ship on time based on the delivery date you request.

Colors, Colors, and More Colors:

DARIEN Packable Lightweight Jacket ColorsExample shown: Women's Darien Packable Lightweight Jacket

Some jackets come in a kaleidoscope of colors, while others only come in basic neutrals.  Look at each men's golf jacket and women's golf jacket to see which colors are listed.  As long as you are ordering the same jacket style and same logo for your order, you may mix sizes and colors and get cumulative pricing.  This means that if you see a price break at a quantity of 24 jackets, and you are ordering 12 of the same style in white and 12 of them in black using the same logo, you will receive the 24 piece price.  If you change logos between the two jacket colors though, then their pricing at 12 pieces is the price you will receive. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions, as we are happy to help you during our business hours Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 5 PM Eastern Time.









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